How To Choose A Pilates Reformer In Windsor For Home Use

How To Choose A Pilates Reformer In Windsor For Home Use

The Pilates reformer is one of the most versatile and practical exercise machines that you can use. Because a Pilates reformer promotes safe, adaptable and low-impact workouts for your whole body, many health and wellbeing businesses are jumping at the chance to invest in them. Places like hotel gyms, golf clubs, fitness facilities and Pilates classes in areas like Beaconsfield are all keen to provide this sought-after piece of equipment.

The Pilates reformer is suitable for people of all fitness levels and ages, which is why more people are deciding to invest in this fantastic piece of equipment to use from the comfort of their homes. Even if you’re a beginner, performing reformer Pilates in your Windsor home can be adapted to suit your needs, goals, abilities and fitness level.

With an overwhelming range of options available, it can be hard to know how to choose the right pilates reformer for you and your home. We’re going to provide you with all the information you need, but first, let’s help you understand more about Pilates reformers.

What Is A Pilates Reformer?

A Pilates reformer is a piece of equipment used in Pilates that consists of springs, ropes, pulleys, and a moving platform. Exercises on a reformer help you improve your body’s flexibility, balance, mobility, stability, strength and control.

Invented by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century, the reformer was used in conjunction with his Contrology fitness program. He believed that the first necessity of happiness is physical fitness, so his program included the six principles of Pilates:

  1. Breathing
  2. Centring
  3. Concentration
  4. Control
  5. Flow
  6. Precision

At Heba Pilates, we have reinvented the reformer, using a host of contemporary techniques and technologies. Our Nuforma machine delivers a broader range of exercises in an easier and more personalised way. Settings are adjusted to fit your needs perfectly and the advanced systems combine to offer a holistic choice of resistance and assistance. Complete with a wide, HD screen, you have a vast library of content and benchmark tests to help you on your Pilates fitness journey.

How To Choose A Pilates Reformer For Home Use

We’ve come up with some things you need to consider when buying a Pilates reformer for home use. These points will help you learn more about what to look out for and the many features a reformer has to offer.


Pilates reformers come in various styles, materials and sometimes customisable options. The frames are usually made out of metal or wood and many wooden frames are made in different types of wood, so you can choose something that will fit the style of your home easier. Metal reformers are easier to move than wooden ones and more durable.

Because all reformers are pretty similar in their functionality, you can focus on choosing one that suits your style. Whether you want one to match the style of your room, you’re planning to decorate or have found inspiration from others on the internet, you will find one that’s aesthetically pleasing to you.

Attachments And Accessories

Over the years, the types of accessories available for reformers have become more creative. This means that your exercises can be modified in various ways and gives you more versatility. Some examples of accessories and attachments you may be interested in include:

  • The Tower – a vertical unit added to the head end that allows you to perform exercises usually performed on a Cadillac Trapeze Table.
  • Wedge – can be placed on the platform to help people who can’t lay flat on their backs, such as pregnant women or vertigo sufferers.
  • Dowel Bar – can be used for other exercises not performed on a reformer.
  • Jumpboard/Rebounder – replaces the foot bar to allow you to perform jumping exercises.
  • The Box – isused for traditional exercises, such as Side Overs, Tree, Backstroke and Pulling Straps, and can be placed either short ways or long ways on the reformer.
  • Safety Foot Strap – used to secure the feet during Short Box exercises and hangs under the gear bar.
  • Handles and Loops/Double Loops – areused for arm and leg exercises.

Keep Your Body In Mind

Because reformers come in varying sizes, you will need to measure your body from the tip of your head to the base of your glutes. The platform will need to be long enough to accommodate your torso when lying on your back and should also allow enough space for you to rest your arms on either side of you, without your hands and fingers hanging off the end.

You should also consider the distinct bony parts of your body, such as your bottom, shoulder tips, the back of your head, knees and hip bones. You want to ensure that these bony points aren’t uncomfortable when you’re lying on the firm platform. It’s best to choose a reformer with extra padding on the foot bar, the platform, and the shoulder blocks. This will give you optimum comfort and a pain-free experience so your focus is primarily on your exercises. Also, keep any injuries or limitations you might have in mind before choosing a reformer.

Available Space

Pilates reformers aren’t small pieces of equipment, so make sure that the space you have in mind is more than big enough to accommodate such equipment. Not only will you need space for the machine, but you’ll also need enough space to be able to completely walk around the reformer without having to squeeze past things or step over objects.

You should also have enough space on either side of the reformer to stretch out your arms when lying on your back, as well as space for your extended legs. Given that the average reformer is 7-8 feet long and 2-2.5 feet wide, you’re going to need a space that’s about 11-12 feet long and 6-7 feet wide to allow for the extra space required that we just mentioned.


You’ll be pleased to know that manufacturers of high-quality reformers offer warranties for their products. Every company is different so you should always check with them exactly what their policy is before making the purchase. You can usually find this information on their website or, if you’re buying in person, they can share this information with you when you ask them.

If you’re thinking of trying out reformer pilates in Windsor at home, we hope that this information helps you in making a decision that suits your requirements and the space you have at home.

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Alternatively, if you’d like to attend a pilates class in Beaconsfield, Windsor or Marlow to use a reformer, Heba Pilates is the place to be! Our high-tech Nuforma equipment provides clever features and ergonomics to encourage seamless transitions between flows to give you smooth, efficient movement. The support base is extra wide for comfort and stability, and there’s also a fully integrated jumpboard for extra exercises.

Our Pilates classes will help you challenge yourself at a level that’s right for you to help improve your balance, control, strength, mobility and stability. You’ll learn and move in a no-pressure, non-competitive environment and our guides will explain how to use the Nuforma so you’re equipped with the knowledge to exercise safely and effectively. We look forward to seeing you!

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